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Give your impound auction the boost it deserves. List vehicles for sale and quickly clear out unclaimed impound yard inventory, increase exposure to buyers generating more bids, and sell vehicles for more than traditional tow auctions.

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Get access to salvage and clear-title vehicles, parts cars, trucks, SUVs, Vans, and motorcycles for free, then register to place your bid and eliminate multiple trips to small in-person tow auctions, bid online from anywhere, and view and track purchase history.

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Why Rocket Auction?


Get real time updates and notifications when changes occur, like being the high bidder, getting outbid, winning or losing a bid.


Get real time updates and notifications when changes occur, like being the high bidder, getting outbid, winning or losing a bid.


We’re trusted by buyers and sellers across the country.


List or bid on vehicles using our API.

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About Us

After a decade of helping impound operations scale their business with dispatch and customer management tools, we’ve turned to an area of the business that’s been ignored for far too long—tow impound auctions. There are auctions for insurance groups, fleets, off lease vehicles, even for dealers to trade out old inventory. Finally, there is an auction dedicated to tows, helping keep impound lots clean and clear while maximizing the value of each vehicle. Whether you are buying or selling, join Rocket Auction to boost your auction experience.

Frequently asked questions

When/Where can I see the vehicles before placing a bid?

A vehicle’s physical location is listed under the seller’s auction details. There you will find rules regarding viewing and picking up purchased vehicles. Most auctions designate one or two times that vehicles can be viewed prior to closing an auction.

What does “as is, where is” mean?

All vehicles on RocketAuction.com are sold “as is, where is” meaning all bids are binding and all sales are final and no implied or explicit warranties are made regarding the vehicle being sold.

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